The Drinking Partners x TRUB

Black Brew Culture x East End Brewing Company

Co-presenters of Fresh Fest 2018, Black Brew Culture is an online magazine and platform dedicated to writing, drinking and brewing a new narrative in the craft beer industry. Company founder Mike Potter linked up with East End brewers Branden Benson, Scott Smith and Joe Green to brew up a special edition Brut IPA. A Brut IPA is a newer, very dry IPA style; think of it as the anti-haze beer, or just think of it as delicious!

Collaboration: For The Culture

Beer Style: Brut IPA

Shef Shaun Forsett x Spoonwood Brewing Company

Our Fresh Fest 2018 collaboration with Shef Shaun is a saison brewed with spelt, oats, and rye. It's hopped with Mandarina & Simcoe and carefully seasoned with fennel seed & pollen. It's Only Built 4 Purple Plates, inspired by the Raekwon the Chef/Wu-Tang classic Only Built for Cuban Linx. Get some now at our taproom, or taste it the way God intended, at Fresh Fest at Nova Place on Aug. 11. #freshfest2018

Collaboration: Only Built for Purple Plates

Beer Style: Saison

BOOM Concepts x Hitchiker Brewery

At both locations we release our @freshfestbeerfest collaboration! We linked up with @boom_concepts in Garfield for this Summertime banger. ‘Boom Shandy’ is a Wheat Ale that we conditioned on tons of Blackberries, Lemons, and Lemonade. The result is a vibrant and fruit forward beer ready to cut through Pittsburgh’s humidity. Fresh Fest is Saturday. August 11th and it’s not too late for tickets!

Collaboration: BOOM Shandy

Beer Style: Wheat Ale

Barrett Tillman x Grist House Brewery

Shannon Harris x Dancing Gnome

Join me on this journey to drink, review, and share brews from all over the world. Die Hard is Not a Christmas Movie is a collaboration DIPA with The Brew Brotha and Dancing Gnome for Fresh Fest 2018. 8.5% and ultra-saturated with Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado, and Idaho 7 hops.

Collaboration: Die Hard is Not a Christmas Movie

Beer Style: NE IPA

Blowfish BBQ x Brew Gentlemen

Wavy Wednesday x Voodoo Brewery

Chef Jae Smith x Mindful Brewing Co.

Eminent Hospitality x Shubrew

Sarah Huny Young x Rock Bottom Brewery

First Sip Brew Box x Allegheny Brewing

FIrst Sip Brew Box is a Pittsburgh, PA based company founded by an Army Veteran and a Social Worker who both have a passion for craft beer!

We have collaborated with breweries from all over the world to bring you unique craft beer trends, gear and recommendations. We work with not just the breweries but also the folks that started them - mothers, fathers, sons, daughters - that fought every day to follow their dream!

Collaboration: Allegheny City Brewing

Beer Style: Black IPA

Kevin Stuart x Fury Brewing Company

Marita Garrett x Hop Farm Brewery

1HOOD Media x Apis Meadery

Black Tech Nation x Aurochs Brewery

Cocoprenuer x Bloom Brew

Dr. Hollyhood x Butler Brewing Company