MTB VIP podcast - garrett oliver


It is with great pleasure that we welcome the legendary Garrett Oliver to Pittsburgh for Fresh Fest 2019 as our Meet the Brewers VIP podcast guest!

"Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver is widely known for his debonair personal style, his elegant lectures on the history of beer and the art of brewing, his extensive knowledge of movies and literature and his two hats. He is also the brewmaster of Brooklyn Brewery, editor-in-chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer, author of The Brewmaster’s Table and winner of the 2014 James Beard Award for Excellent Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional. He’s a world traveler, snazzy dancer and we’re starting to suspect he doesn’t sleep.

In the years since joining the Brooklyn Brewery, Garrett has continued to be a tireless advocate for bringing together great beer and good food, touring the world to introduce countless people to the tastes he loves. Garrett has hosted more than 1,000 beer tastings, dinners, and cooking demonstrations in nearly 20 countries, and writes regularly for beer and food-related periodicals. Over the past twenty years, Garrett has been responsible for many craft beer innovations, such as collaborative brewing, beers based on cocktails, and beer brewed from garapa crushed from freshly-cut sugar cane. He has judged beer competitions from the Great American Beer Fest to the Great British Beer Festival, often pouring his own award-winning beers at the same festivals to get a chance to chat with the legions of beer faithful who now know his name."

Join The Drinking Partners Ed Bailey and Day Bracey as they share a few laughs and gain some serious insight on the current and future states of the craft beer industry from the perspective of a legend. Cheers!


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