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nappy roots

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Nappyness: In a climate projected as one of divisiveness, Nappy Roots has joined the rest of the nation in trying to understand and work through these struggles. No stranger to challenges, this four-man collective from Kentucky tackled their obstacles and, in the process, their self-honest work emerged in form of 7 studio albums and 14 mix-tapes. As usual, Nappy Roots examine our alienable rights, reason, and truth through lyrical originality and voyage. Since Nappy Roots entered the music scene in 1998, they have remained real, humble, talented guys with inherent, undeniable southern swagger.

After the international success of Watermelon, Chicken, & Grits, selling over 3 million albums, the members of Nappy Roots were flying high while still acutely aware of how far it could be to the bottom should they fall. It is that practical and genuine presence of mind that helped them sustain touring as a group these last ten years. Building a vastly loyal fan-base nationwide, fans and friends can be used interchangeably when referring to their army of followers. For most people, it is normal to only share intimate moments with friends, but for the members of Nappy, it is no different when in their living room, studio, or on stage, as they possess the gift of honesty and deliver that message with charisma. That truthfulness is especially reflected in this compilation inspired and written for this moment in time.

With the release of their tenth mix-tape "SH!T'S BEAUTIFUL" and the departure of Big V from the group, as he left to pursue a solo career, Nappy Roots forged forward. Between touring and recording, the four-man group focuses on consistently putting out quality hip-hop. A weak man with no vision, no diligence behind the vision, and no faith behind the diligence would have given up, but Skinny Deville, Fishscales, B. Stille and Ron Clutch did, can, and will handle this and more, all in the name of Nappy Roots. This is evident in their two part Saga The 40 Akerz Project and Another 40 Akerz, released in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

To celebrate 20 years in the game, Nappy has earned yet another GOLD RECORD with “GOOD DAY”. That, along with 40 plus placements in movies and commercials have given the group the continued propulsion to maintain the Nappy Lifestyle and connection to their fans. 

This has provided a perfect platform to transition into another passion. In 2018 Nappy celebrated opening their own NanoBrewery called ATLANTUCKY BREWING COMPANY and have already taken the craft beer world by storm garnering rave reviews for their first two public offerings. This journey of great beer and great music will be coming to a small screen near you with the release of “40 Akerz and A Brew” a show that is sure to be a BLAST.

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After severing ties with Atlantic Records and going independent, Nappy Roots had no choice but to keep it moving and did so as smoothly as possible. As the saying goes, “the show must go on,” and so it has, obstacles included. With a heavy heart and no major label record deal, Nappy Roots knew they had to remain in pursuit of their destiny and, thus, Nappy Roots Entertainment Group was formed. 

2019 live music schedule

Stage 1 (Main Stage/Courtyard):

3p Flow Band

4p Elias Khouri 

5p Midnight Rose 

6p BBGuns

7p Starship Mantis

8p Nappy Roots 

Stage 2 (Mall):

12p DJ Nate Da Barber

3p DJ Bamboo

5p DJ Femi

7p Arie Cole

2018 performers


Byron nash

Pittsburgh has a reputation of breeding talented artists and with a deep-rooted history in the music scene here, guitarist Byron Nash has built a solid ground for his unique style of rock n’ soul guitar playing. Evident in that sound are the various genres of music that have influenced his life, including: early thrash metal, jam, funk and soul, to Hip-Hop, jazz, blues and world music. Byron’s experience and skills got him well-known as a talented player on the scene which lead him to join the popular Pittsburgh-based rap/rock outfit Formula412 and later forming his current band Plan B. He's played with everyone ranging from 50Cent, Pharrell Williams and N.E.R.D., Fantasia, Busta Rhymes, George Clinton and P-Funk and many more. B teamed up with the perfect fit in @helltownbrewing (stay tuned for a BIG announcement on their collab) and will be rocking with us on stage August 11th 

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Nash’s lyrics are personal, revealing, and emotive, complimented by the tone of his warm, subtle voice; the combination of which helps to draw the listener deeper into his story.


Clara Kent

Clara Kent is a singer-songwriter and emcee from Homewood, PA. Clara’s voice is reminiscent of Sade & Lauryn Hill meets SZA, while her emcee style is raw and to the point. Her recent release “AURA” made a splash in February and the waves carried her to many stages and publications across the country. Kent was a featured artist on The A&R Room Roadshow (Sway’s Universe) during SxSW in Austin and her experience was featured as the cover story for Pittsburgh City Paper in April. She has opened for acts such as Oshun, Wyclef Jean, and OHMME. You can find her music on all music platforms and services, or go to TribeEternal.com. Or even better, come hear her live at Fresh Fest 2018 on August 11th! 

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Clara's album Aura has been in the works for 3 years, and it shows in the composition. AURA will take you on a journey through her life with stories of heavy adversity, revealing triumphs, and reflective lessons in each song.


Jonny Goood

Cop-turned-bassist JONNY GOOOD has spent the past two years playing alongside LADY GAGA, giving him the opportunity to rock the Super Bowl, Coachella, and the 'Joanne' tour. Having previously served as Musical Director for THE WEEKND and bassist to WIZ KHALIFA, Goood also released a track with Khalifa for his last EP that garnered more than 600,000 streams. Goood, who only learned to play bass a decade ago following a career ending football injury, has just dropped his latest album featuring 10 songs chronicling his journey from police officer, to homeless, to Gaga bassist and everything in between while introducing a whole new musical genre, bass hop.

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Jonny Goood has spent the last two years playing alongside Lady GaGa, giving him the opportunity to rock the Super Bowl. Now it’s all about #BassHop


Mars jackson

When Mars Jackson returned to his hometown of Pittsburgh after college and got serious about music, it was a strange time to be a rapper in the city. It was 2011, and “Black and Yellow” had just hit No. 1 for Pittsburgh’s best-known hip-hop export, Wiz Khalifa. Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park was on the horizon, and things seemed ripe for a renaissance in the rap community in town. Every kid with a laptop and a rhyme thought he was next, and was grasping at coattails.  It was easy to rep Pittsburgh back then—it almost felt like the golden ticket, in fact. Nearly seven years later, though, most of the up-and-comers who were flashing their P-cards in 2011 aren’t even in the game.

While lesser artists were falling away, Jackson was building. His success thus far has come about because of his talent, for sure. But it wouldn’t have happened without his work ethic, and what the politicians call “coalition-building.”  There was ingenuity: Early on, resourceful college communications major he was, he faked a PR rep to make it seem like he had more resources than he did. There was dedication: He was unemployed, so he spent hours writing to industry contacts. “I was the first email they got in the morning, and sometimes the last one they got at the end of the day,” he says with a laugh.

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For six years, Mars Jackson has worked to get to the top in Pittsburgh; he’s put in his hours and earned the respect. His first full-length with Misra, GDNLF is an artist’s statement, an introduction to the rest of the world—Mars Jackson’s ticket to the next stop.